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A song request ^^

Uvani 2018-07-15 23:20:18

Dear Rainbow team,

Hope everyone is well? :)
I have a little song request (actually two songs) for this coming Saturday (or the next Saturday if not) for these two songs please :

月亮代表我的心- Teresa Teng
Have It All- Jason Mraz

I am dedicating these two songs to MK Mommy&#***;s birthday next week.
Both are songs that I hold close to heart. Teresa Teng&#***;s song was one of the first songs I learnt after coming to China, and I was more so happy to know that it is one of Mommy&#***;s fav songs too.
And ‘Have It All‘ I especially like because of the lyrics.

I really really hope both the songs could be played, but in case one song only still ok. But really kindly hope both songs could be played since I want to send my heart to Mommy on her birthday in advance in this way.

I would have liked to surprise Mommy with this, but I do not think there will be a way to do that... hahahahaa ^^V
Mommy, you will see this beforehand I guess? :P

Love and huggs..^^*
Take care and 아자 아자 화이팅~!!! to Mommy and the whole Rainbow team.

Uvani :)

Ps: there still are weird punctuation marks appearing in this middle of sentences and my name doesn't appear as the person who wrote this, in the contents page. I dunno why. Weird computer things..@.@