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2022/12/11 <마음의 철학자>, <최Cine영화카페>영화 안녕,헤이즐

cpbcfm 2022-12-09 16:15:30


강허달림 feat. 최선배, 꼭 안아 주세요

세이수미, So tender

Co. 스투디움 레젠디 with 클래어 칼라일, <마음의 철학자> (임규정 옮김, 글항아리, 2022)

- Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song
- John Lennon, Happy XMas (War Is Over)
- The Kings Singers, My Heart is a Holy Place (Patricia Van Ness)
- The Swingle Singers, In the Bleak Midwinter (Gustav Holst)
- P,Tchikovsky, None but the Lonely Heart
Dmitri Hvorsostovsky, baritone / Ivari Ilja, piano.
- A. Dvorak, O Silver Moon (Rusalka)
Renee Fleming sop., London Symphony Orchestra, G.Solti
- A. Vivaldi, Nulla in mundo pax sincera RV 630
Julia Lezhmneva, sop. / I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis


F. Schubert, Improptus D899 op.90 No.2 in E flat major, Allegro,
- Maria Joan Pires, piano

Co. 최Cine 영화까페 with 안녕, 헤이즐 The Fault in Our Stars

- Opening Titles / Hazel intro. (Mike Mogis / Nathaniel Walcott)
- Songs OST: Ed Sheeran, All of Stars / Jake Buck, Simple as this
- Score OST: Doctor Says No/ One Sad Swingset / Thanks for Understanding
- Score OST: Anne Frank House
- Songs OST: Indians, Oblivion
- Score OST: The Christmas Tree / Hazel Eulogy
- Songs OST: Birdy, Tee Shir
- Score OST: The Great and Terrible 10